Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why Yes I Write Songs Too. . .

All i know, Is all i see

Swear that it was chemistry

Since you gone

My life moved on

For better or worse

You brought out the worst

In me.

You turned everyone against me

And never witnessed my destruction

Now you come back

To witness my construction

I'm better then i was before

I'm better than you

I don't need this anymore

And I don't need you

2 years later

You're so happy with yourself

For what you put me through

While i keep to the shelf

And just watch you

Still try to turn my friends

Against me and to your side

When i just want it to end

And live my life

I answered all your questions

I learnt my lesson

Fuck discretion

It's time for expression

No more depression

So heres my confession

I'm 2010% over you

Monday, December 21, 2009

When Lovers Become Leavers. . .

I know most people out there that love music tend to want music in their i-tunes that they can listen to for any and every mood...and one typical mood being broken hearted.
So i give to you my top 20 songs (from any genre) to listen to when you're feeling broken hearted or just down right deep and meaningful.

#1 Signs-Bloc Party
#2 Paint The Silence-South
#3 Dice-Finley Quaye
#4 Change Me-Keri Hilson ft Akon
#5 Keep Forgetting-JoJo
#6 If We Ever-Makeba ft David Guetta
#7 Three Words-Will.I.Am ft Cheryl Cole
#8 Zero Gravity-David Archuleta
#9 Blurry-Puddle Of Mudd
#10 Meet In Tha Middle-Timbaland ft Bran'Nu
#11 What She Said-I.V.A.N ft Imogen Heap
#12 Slow Ya Roll-Young Buck ft Chester Bennington
#13 Truth Is A Lie-Day 26
#14 Welcome To Heartbreak-Kanye West ft Kid Cudi
#15 Say-Timbaland ft T-Pain
#16 One Thing-Brandy
#17 Stoned In Love-Chicane ft Tom Jones
#18 Whose The Loser Now-James Fauntleroy
#19 Closer-Kings Of Leon
#20 Today-The Jam
#21 You-Colbie Caillat ft Schiller
#22 Better Today-NeYo
#23 Broken Bones-Birds Of Tokyo
#24 Just A Friend- Haz & P.Jai
#25 What I Want-John Butler Trio

I listen to almost all of these songs when i'm in a shitty mood and you just can't help but get lost in them. If you're in the right mood that is!
I hope these songs get you through what you're dealing with like they have for me =)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Just Something On My Mind. . .

A friend once said to me....

Imagine your life is like a train.

You're the train and all the passengers on it are people who have meant something to you throughout your life...

At every stop someone will get on the train...and someone will get off...

Sometimes those people come back...and sometimes they find another another train to get on...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sounds For Your Summer =)

Summer has finally started in Australia and it's really starting to heat up!
Whether you're poolside or beachside or just chilling in your air conditioning you're gonna want some music that will get you in the mood for a party ;)
So here's some techno and house music that will definitely get you fired up this summer!
The intros on these songs are a pain in the ass and i have most of these songs without the shit intros but i got them off cd's so i cant get download links sorry!
Enjoyyyy =)

Sean Quinn & Gus Cullen-Getting Away With It (Vandalism V8 Remix)

You're Not Alone (Bingo Players Remix)-Oliver Twizt

Shot Caller (Original Mix)-Ian Carey

Superstar-David May

Good Days Bad Days (Mobin Master Remix)-Kaiser Chiefs

Sex On Fire (Kcb Klubb Mix)-Platinum Deejayz

When Love Takes Over (Extended Electro Mix)-David Guetta ft Kelly Rowland

Get Me Out (Jason Gault Mix)-Camille

Derb 2008 (Extended Mix)-The Real Booty Babes

Here are some other great songs that i couldn't find download links for =(

I Will Be Here-Tiesto ft Sneaky Sound System

The Game-Macaroni Sound

Klaas - Feel The Love (Increase Remix)

David Guetta ft. Laidback Luke & Samantha Jade - I Need You Now

David Guetta - Just A Little More Love (Wally Lopez Remix)


So for this post i just decided to add all the r&b and hip hop stuff i found today and i'm about to make another post right after this one of all the techno and hardstyles stuff i've found =)

Red=Lovin It <3
Orange=She Goes Alright
Green=Just Download If You're Desperate


Lil Jon Feat. Pastor Troy & Waka Flocka - All Tha Way Crunked Up

Plies Feat. - Keri Hilson - Medicine

Gucci Mane Feat. Ace Hood & Usher - Spotlight (Remix)

Back To The Future-Pitbull ft Fergie

Rock The Bed-Riz (Prod. Akon)

Mixing Up The Medicine-Juelz Santana ft Yelawolf

Jackie Boys-Break The Bank

Defeated-Drew (Of Varsity)

Lost It All-Lee Carr

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Timbaland Presents: Shock Value II

Timbaland is back with a follow up to his 2007 billboard hit Shock Value and i must say it's nothing less than totally freaking awesome! His rock/rnb collaborations are amazing and still haven't gotten old. His first single off the album Morning After Dark is a good preview for what to expect from the album but the rest of the songs are 10 times better.
There are more than 4 songs on the album that I'm in love with and i recommend it 100% for all you people that enjoy a bit of the Timbo!
Here's the track list =) The songs i personally like most are marked in red.
1. Intro (by DJ Felli Fel)
2. Carry Out (Featuring Justin Timberlake)
Lose Control (Featuring JoJo)
Meet In Tha Middle (Featuring Bran’ Nu) #1
5. Say Something (Featuring Drake)
6. Tommorow In The Bottle (Featuring Chad Kroeger & Sebastian)
7. We Belong To Music (Featuring Miley Cyrus)
8. Morning After Dark (Featuring Nelly Furtado & SoShy)
If We Ever Meet Again (Featuring Katy Perry) #4
10. Can You Feel It (Featuring Esthero & Sebastian)
11. Ease Off The Liquor
Undertow (Featuring The Fray & Esthero) #5
Timothy Where You Been (Featuring Jet) #2
14. Long Way Down (Featuring Daughtry)
Marching On (Timbo Version) (Featuring One Republic) #3
16. The One I Love (Featuring Keri Hilson & D.O.E.)
17. Symphony (Featuring Attitude, Bran’ Nu & D.O.E.)

Monday, December 7, 2009

New Music =)

I get a fair amount of people asking me all the time for new music because i seem to be the only one that can be bothered to sort through hundreds of websites to find new good music haha.
So i thought seeing as i have a blog now, that every new decent song i find i'd chuck up on here =)
And here is the first post! p.s some of the songs i couldnt find download links so i've just given a youtube link.
Red=Lovin It <3
Orange=She Goes Alright
Green=Just Download If You're Desperate


Play-N-Skillz Feat. Nelly & Three 6 Mafia - I Just Wanna Fuck

Youngtrev Feat. Laze & Royal - The Club Made Me Do It
(Prod. By Laze & Royal) ( 2oo9 )

Gucci Mane Feat. Soulja Boy & Waka Flocka Flame - Bingo
(Prod. By Scott Storch) ( 2oo9 )


People Won't Like This (The KGB's Remix)-Citizen -
Floorspin-Dutch Master -
J'Adore Hardcore-Scooter -
Next Dimensional World-Technoboy -
I Bet You Don't-Jens O -
Oh My God-Technoboy ft Shayla - file=5070690&song=Oh+my+godd
My Name Is Hardstyles-Ran-D vs Adaro -